Eyes on the target

With KPInfluencer we provide you with all important Key Performance Indicators to maximize your success!

How much profit do your campaigns truly generate?

KPInfluencer measures the performance of your campaigns and automatically adjusts them to any cost position.

One Dashboard to rule them all

Track every campaign you've ever launched. Compare and examine them in time periods defined by you.

Tag your campaigns to make them clearer.

Make decisions in seconds with the best overview you've ever had!

Cost control at its finest

KPInfluencer allows you to allocate different cost centers to your campaigns. General marketing costs, product costs, wages and taxes.

With KPInfluencer you get the best out of your cost control!

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The Core Essentials

  1 Campaign

  Full Cost Controll

  Basic KPI's

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More then essential

  15 campaigns

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  Unlimited campaigns

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