Getting started

Learn how to get started with KPInfluencer here. It is easier than you think and huge help to track your marketing success

First off, help us calculate your product costs!

To calculate your product costs, we need you to give us a little help.

Product Costs:

  1. Navigate to products on the sidebar.

  2. Fill in the product costs for all your products.

Now we can calculate all the product costs your campaign produces.

Start your first campaign

Creating campaigns is easy! We show you how to do it:

  1. Navigate to Campaigns on the sidebar.
  2. Click on Add Campaign.
  3. Choose the discount code attributed to your campaign.
  4. Add tags to your campaign to describe what's going on.
  5. Add your marketing and/or shipping costs.

We will now calculate all data and give your every important KPI you need to know about your campaign.

Cost control at its finest

KPInfluencer allows you to allocate different cost centers to your campaigns. General marketing costs, product costs, wages and taxes.

With KPInfluencer you get the best out of your cost control!